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Moving from Dubai to Trinidad and Tobago

Moving from Dubai to Trinidad and Tobago

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Moving from Dubai to Trinidad and Tobago

Moving to Trinidad and Tobago could be a major transition for anyone, and there’ll be plenty to contemplate and steel oneself against before you head across the world.

The very last thing you would like to stress about is that the logistics of a sophisticated move, especially when it involves documentation, Customs regulations, and shipping services. Which is why you mustn’t need to worry about it. Instead, allow us to tackle the tough stuff for you.

Dubai Movers will make your transition to Trinidad and Tobago as seamless as possible, by providing top-notch shipping services for all of your household goods and far more. We’ll be there with you each and each step of your move abroad, from packing and crating your goods to shipping them overseas and assisting you through the complicated overseas documentation process.

All you wish to try to do is give us a call so we will start with an on-site estimate. We’ll be sure of everything else.

Here’s how we get the duty done:

How Dubai Movers can help for moving to Trinidad and Tobago

To start, one in every of our trained moving specialists will provide a one-on-one consultation with you, thoroughly outlining your moving options supported certain criteria, such as:

  • Your moving timeline. When does one must be in Trinidad and Tobago?
  • Your assets plans. Will you be renting or buying?
  • Your family/household size. Will you be moving alone or along with your family? For business or personal reasons?
  • Cubic feet estimate. How large is your shipment?

What Will Moving to Trinidad and Tobago Cost?

For the foremost accurate estimate of your total shipment size, you ought to schedule an in-home survey as early as possible for your move to Trinidad and Tobago. Don’t wait until the last possible moment, contact Dubai Movers today. you will not regret the choice.

After we hear from you, our moving specialists will assess your belongings to relinquish you the simplest estimate possible to expedite your relocation.

The cost of moving to Trinidad and Tobago will vary considerably supported the cubic footage of your belongings and your proposed destination time of arrival so it’s extremely important that you simply work with an agent in order that they can provide you with the foremost accurate quote.

Ready to start budgeting for your international move?

Give us a call, and do not forget to ask about our overseas packing and custom crating services, too!

About Trinidad and Tobago

Part of South America, Trinidad, and Tobago could be a twin-island country that lies off the coast of Venezuela and Grenada.
The two main islands are distributed into nine regions and one ward. the most important of those is Sangre Grande, making up 18 percent of the full area and containing 10 percent of the population. Despite its tropical location, Trinidad and Tobago lie outside of the hurricane belt.

An English-speaking country, Trinidad and Tobago are that the third richest country within the Americas by GDP (behind only us and Canada) and is recognized as a high-income country.

Can’t wait to urge started along with your overseas relocation to Trinidad and Tobago? First, be told what you’ll have to clear Customs.

Customs Regulations for Trinidad and Tobago:


  • Passport
  • Work permit (non-resident)
  • Customs bond
  • Inventory (written in English)
  • Cash deposit
  • Import license
  • Proof of overseas residence (minimum of one year)


  • Customer must be present at the time of clearance
  • Shipments must be at customs within two months of customer’s arrival
  • All shipments will be inspected at the container examination station

In Trinidad and Tobago, some articles may not be imported in a customer’s baggage. These items include, but may not be limited to:

  • Narcotics
  • Pornography
  • Counterfeit items
  • Honey

Some articles may have restricted quantities or require special authorization/ payments of duties and taxes to clear customs in Trinidad and Tobago. These items include, but are not limited to:

  • Medication (appropriately labeled, with prescription or doctor’s note in English)
  • Live poultry
  • Marine animals, plants and other creatures as well as parts and products of living marine creatures (coral, turtles, fish, lobsters, etc.)
  • Coconut and any parts or products (coconut seedlings, copra, desiccated coconut, coconut milk, and coconut cream) except coconut oil
  • Unrefined animals, vegetable oils and fats
  • Dangerous chemicals (lead arsenate, thallium, etc.)
  • Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) and equipment requiring such substances (refrigerators, dehumidifiers and parts of this equipment)
  • Local currency,$20,000 and over (needs to be declared)
  • Any foreign currency totaling $5,000 and over (needs to be declared)
  • Weaponry, ammunition, explosives and toy guns (permissible with authorization)

In Trinidad and Tobago, new automobiles are subject to duty, VAT, and tax. Other restrictions:

  • Import License and proof of ownership required
  • May not sell or transfer vehicle within a period of two years after importation
  • Customer must have owned vehicle for a minimum of six months prior
  • Customer must have resided abroad for a minimum of five years
  • Invoices required (for proof of age of the vehicle)

When importing a petto Trinidad and Tobago, he or she will need to have the following documentation:

  • Health certificate
  • Proof of valid inoculations


Certain items may be imported duty-free if the customer is over 17-years-old. These items include:

  • Used household goods owned for a minimum of one year
    • Receipts and other documents required to show the length of ownership
    • New items less than a year old are dutiable (must state age and specific details)
  • 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco
  • 1.5 liters of alcohol
  • Non-commercial gifts and other items for personal use (worth up to $3,000 USD)
  • Declarable items for personal use that will be exported (laptops, DVD players, etc.)
    • Declaration of intention to export needs to be made

To ask more about our company please use the form available on our contact page, give us a call at +97143306717, or send any inquiries to our email address

NOTE – Customs regulations are subject to change at any time. The proceeding information is a brief summary of customs regulations applicable to household goods shipments to this destination and is being provided for general guidance to assist our Agents and customers. Since such regulations are subject to change without notice, Dubai Movers cannot be held liable for any costs, damage, delays, or other detrimental events resulting from non-compliance. Always double-check with your local embassy or consulate.

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