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International Moving

International Moving

Since 1890, when the business was founded in Germen by Jeorge Vital Bin
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International Moving Services

Dubai movers is a leading international moving company in Dubai. Moving from one location to another within the same country or internationally is a daunting task. The planning and the cost involved to move internationally are much higher than moving within the country. Therefore, to ensure that the moving experience does not become nightmarish, you must choose a reputable and experienced moving company.

Most individuals fail to understand the characteristics of a good moving company. How do you go about the process of choosing a company that can be trusted with all your possessions? It is always advisable to do the moving yourself, but if for some reason it is not possible, then there are certain features that you must bear in mind while choosing your international movers.

Although it is common to use the Internet search to get information on any of your requirements, this is one situation where you should stay away from the Internet. International movers found on the Internet have created a large number of individuals. Instead, get the contact details from the local telephone directory or ask your real estate broker.

When you are moving internationally, it is important to focus on the packaging. All the items must be carefully packed in waterproof containers (lift vans) or are directly loaded onto the ship in 20 feet or forty feet containers. Ensure that you do not do your own packing because the increase in terrorism prohibits self-packaging.

Here, our experience in packaging goods to be moved internationally will be of great assistance to the clients. Moreover, our contacts with the shipping lines will assist the clients in moving their items at extremely competitive rates. Any items that are not packed within a box will be wrapped in thick and grooved brown paper and then packed inside a container. Our personnel will complete the packing within your premises under your supervision to ensure that there is no damage to your goods.

International Moving in Dubai

Another factor that you must take into account is the valuation of the goods that are being moved and the insurance coverage required. Several kinds of insurance coverage are available and you must choose a cover that suits your specific needs.

Our team can assist clients in procuring excellent insurance rates for covering any loss or damage that may be caused to your goods while in transit. We have some long-standing relationships with insurance companies and we can assist clients in choosing the appropriate cover at competitive rates.

Several documents are necessary when you are moving your goods internationally. Documents, such as passport, Certificate of Registration, driving permits, and other documents are needed at the port of destination. Our experienced and trained personnel provide you with a list of the required documents to ensure that your goods are cleared once they arrive at the destination port.

Our company will accept an appointment and is willing to visit your homes to provide you with an estimate of the cost that will be incurred to move your goods. Our company has the necessary resources, such as workforce and vehicles to execute your international move without any problems.

International Shipping Information

By Air:

We offer the best air cargo services worldwide. This rate includes complete door-to-door Services. Minimum 30 Kg we charge normally from our valuable customers.

By Sea:

We work with the world’s largest international carriers and are able to offer competitive freight rates combined with dependable sailing schedules from and to most major ports. Our Customs department will help move your sea freight shipment to its destination in one seamless process. We deal in a minimum of 1 CBM (Cubic Meter) volume. For LCL, FCL, and Group-age Containers you can always trust Paradise Packaging Clearing LLC.

Lesser Volume

For the Cargoes with lesser volume, we always have an option to send in one consolidated (groupage) container with several consignments as well as LCL to reduce the cost from Dubai port to the final point

20’, 40’, and 40’ High Cube Full Container Load

When an exporter has the goods to accommodate in one full container load, we provide a booking of an FCL (Full Container Load) to stuff a cargo. In an FCL cargo, the complete goods in the said container own by one shipper only.

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