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Moving from Dubai to Lebanon

Moving from Dubai to Lebanon

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Moving From Dubai To Lebanon

Dubai movers provide moving to Lebanon services. Lebanon is richly shaped by its religion and cultural diversity because of the various origins that have migrated to the land over time. The primary location of this gathering of diverse ethnicities in the Middle East, positioned between Syria and Israel. Individuals choosing to relocate here are moving to a very influential commercial zone of the Middle East.

The major sectors of Lebanon are tourism and financial accounts and they contribute to more than half of the employment opportunities in the area. International shipping jobs contribute to a small portion of the workforce in Lebanon, as the country’s job industry is also made up of small unit businesses that assemble and pack parts.

moving from dubai to lebanonHousehold goods moving to Lebanon

Dubai movers service of moving to Lebanon is the ultimate choice that you can make for easy use of international shipping needs. We take all the hassle out of the process of ocean shipping, international courier services or air shipping.

Dubai Movers understands the fantastic importance that your international shipping goods from the UAE to Lebanon have. We are extremely diligent with our packing services, logistics specialists and in updating our equipment so that we can provide you with the very best in household goods moving to Lebanon from the UAE. It’s through this diligence that we can become an extremely effective shipping partner or moving partner for you, your business or your family.

Dubai Movers Best Relocation Services for Your Move to Lebanon

Before you send in your details to Dubai Movers, look around your home and try to figure out the amount of stuff you will be taking with you. Look up the average cost of shipping and come up with a mental budget, keeping in mind that there are additional costs to take into consideration.

Some relocation services will include these extras in a quote, items like custom duty fees, handling costs, examination price, insurance, and handymen services. You might also be charged extra if you live on a higher floor and there’s no access to an elevator. Write down the types of tasks you will need from a relocation company in Dubai and work off that list for maximum efficiency

Lesser Volume

If you have lesser volume like 2 CBM or up to 12 CBM, we offer you an LCL service which will be sharing the container to reduce the cost from Dubai port to the port of destination.

20’ Container

But if your shipment is more than 12 CBM and less than 28 CBM, then it is better to go for a 20’container

40’ & 40’ HC Container

But if your goods are more than 30 CBM then you can plan a 40’ container which can carry up to 55 CBM. Also, we have high cube equipment which can carry up to 65 CBM.


In order to prepare the Export Declaration at Dubai customs, we would need your passport copy including UAE Visa page, and Destination address.

Transit Time

The transit time vary from place to place, however, we have the best network with liners who has the minimum transit time to most destinations. You may check with our team for your shipping and transit time

Pre-move survey

A pre-move survey can be organized absolutely free of cost with no obligation. This will surely help you to plan your budget or re-think about what goods are to be moved on what to be kept behind. Once the survey is over our team will give an International moving quote based on the volume and your destination.

Packing & Wrapping

Once you have confirmed your move our packing team will visit your place and will pack your items in a professional way

Shipping & Handling

We will schedule the nearest date of shipping and load your shipment from Dubai port all the relevant documentation shall be executed by our team.

Clearing and delivery

The ETA will be declared and our destination agent will organize a pre-clearance and prepare the import.

To ask more about our company please use the form available on our contact page, give us a call at +97143306717 or send any inquiries to our email address

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