The Dos and Don’ts of Moving Your Home or Office

Moving you home or office is not an easy undertaking, either mentally or physically. Besides the mental pains of physical detachment from a place you spent precious years in, there’s a daunting challenge of the physical movement itself awaiting to wreck your nerves.

Wisdom, the right advice & research, and a clear mind are the keys to making your relocation less intimidating. And, by handing the job to a trusted relocation service provider, you can make the task virtually free of hassle with your involvement reduced to just distant supervision of the moving operation.

But, things can go awry nonetheless. Here’s a quick guide to the things you must do or avoid to make the transition smooth and worthwhile for you.

What you must do

  • Match the timing: If you’re moving for a new job, choose the right time for the movement. Don’t move earlier than you need to as it may incur undue costs such as lodging, dining, and storage expenses that may not be covered by your employer.
  • Find the right place to move: Talk to people who you think may know the right places you can move your home or office to.
  • Research about the moving partners: Do a thorough research on relocation companies before choosing one for your moving needs.
  • Ditch the stress: A little stress associated with relocation is natural. But don’t allow it to overwhelm you and turn the good moments into damning ones.
  • Pack valuables yourself: Don’t rely on the packing company for packing everything, especially your valuables. Separate things of value – jewelry, family photos, kids’ trophies, etc. – and give them a careful, rather caring, packing yourself.
  • Lead the transition: Only you know your home or office stuff and no packer can do the sorting better than yourself. To make the movement smoother, take the lead.

What you must not do

  • Leave the operation unattended: Never isolate yourself from the packing and moving process, regardless if it’s done by the best moving company in town.
  • Get flustered: You may have worthier things to worry about, so don’t lose your sleep over this mundane undertaking.
  • Pay more than what it’s worth: There’s a lot of good moving and packing companies out there. If you feel one is overcharging you, don’t hesitate to go for the second best option.
  • Choose a relocation company in haste: This may be the most important decision of your entire relocation, so never choose a moving service in haste or on impulse. Take your good time with it and do a thorough research.
  • Pay full in advance: As in all other transactions, withhold some amount – ideally 50% – till the job is done. This keeps the service provider more responsible throughout and you in control of the operation.
  • Arrive later than the shipment: Plan your travels in such a way that you reach at the destination a little before your shipment does. This keeps you from incurring any extra waiting or storage charges while helping you adjust faster to the new place.

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