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Moving from Dubai to Slovakia

Moving from Dubai to Slovakia


Moving from Dubai to Slovakia



Slovakia, officially the Slovak Republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe. It is bordered by Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east, Hungary to the south, Austria to the west, and the Czech Republic to the northwest. Slovakia’s territory spans about 49,000 square kilometres and is mostly mountainous.



The Port of Bratislava is a major port on the river Danube and in a wider sense on the Rhine-Main Danube waterway, located in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. It is a universal inland port consisting of two parts, a cargo port and a passenger port.



The most imported products in Slovakia are vehicle spare parts, crude petroleum, and petroleum gas. Vehicle parts account for 8.3% of the country’s total imports, while petroleum products account for approximately 9% cumulated. Slovakia’s main import partners are Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, Dubai – UAE and South Korea.



Air Freight



We are providing the best solution for air freight or cargo needs (door to Airport) with our high-performance standards, great air freight rates, and the flexibility to meet your changing needs and destination. Our highly experienced staff enable us to understand the changing trend in Air Freight Market and amendment of customs law in each country.



Sea Freight



We are one of the leading Sea cargo service providers in Dubai, we offer comprehensive Ocean Freight services for Full Container Load (FCL) and Less-than-Container Load (LCL) shipment on all main trade lanes, to and from The United Arab Emirates to Slovakia and across all continents. We can handle almost any size shipment, from less-than-container loads to full container loads, special equipment, and oversized cargo. 



Our services include:






Dubai movers have well experienced and adequately trained staff in the field of shipping and packing. Our staff is equipped with technical knowledge and ethical manners. Our staff is highly skilled to use technology more efficiently.












Dubai movers have proper protocols of packing when it comes to shipping across the border. Every item has been packed individually and prepared separately for bulk packing.



Fragile and precious items are packed in pallet packing, styrofoam to protect them from mechanical shock, tear and abrasion. Then cushioning is done to prevent friction and contact of all items.



Finally, lamination will be done to prevent from environmental effect.






Labelling will be done for proper identification and relocation of all items. It also prevents theft and loss of items.






It’s complimentary and free of cost. Pre-survey will be done by the experienced team of Dubai movers to ensure the list of final products. This survey will be done to make a final decision about the products to be shipped and provide the cost also. It also gives the chance to the owner to review the goods which are on top priority on the transport list according to the budget of the owner.



After the final survey, under the supervision of owner final packing can be done for further process.



Advantages provided by Dubai Movers for shipping from Dubai to Slovakia:



Extensive services for personal items and home furniture packaging with shipping service from Dubai and UAE to Georgia Providing solution for all logistic to our customers and facilitating the import of their products and orders from Georgia from UAE and Dubai and other Emirates.





Flexible and efficient completion of shipment process from receiving to delivery. Robust international shipping service and express cargo.





Dubai movers provide temporary storage services in their spacious warehouses. Dubai movers Services provide a policy of economic and competitive prices in international shipments to reduces the prices of shipping and transport on the customer, and also providing necessary instructions and recommendations regarding export and customs clearance procedures.





Used Household Goods and Personal Effects



Documents Required



  • Detailed valued inventory list in Slovak and English, dated, and signed by the owner of the goods
  • Copy of passport
  • Customs declaration form (power of attorney)
  • Sworn statement
  • Original bill of lading (OBL) or sea waybill (SWB) / air waybill (AWB) / contract for the international carriage of goods by road (CMR)
  • List of electronic items with serial numbers
  • Slovak residence permit or application / bank guarantee / cash deposit (foreign citizens / EU citizens)
  • Letter of employment (must include the owner of the date of the goods of birth and passport number) (foreign citizens / EU citizens)
  • Lease agreement notarized original and 1 notarized copy of the original (foreign citizens / EU citizens)
  • Accreditation card (from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) or confirmation from the embassy of accreditation (diplomats)
  • Slovak identification card (returning citizens)
  • A confirmation letter that the owner of the goods worked/stayed out of the EU for more than 12 months (returning citizens)



Specific Information



  • The detailed inventory list must include the brand name and the serial numbers of electronic items.
  • The letter of employment must include a statement that the employer will pay any duties or taxes for the owner of the goods, if applicable.
    • For the owner of a private company or a self-employed owner of the goods, the company must be registered.
  • Household goods and personal effects may be imported duty and tax-free if the following conditions are met:
    • The goods have to have been used for a minimum of 6 months.
    • The goods may not be sold and may only be used for the owner of the goods’ own purposes during the period stated by the Customs office (12 months).
    • The owner of the goods must have lived abroad for more than 12 months prior to entry into Slovakia.
  • Household goods and personal effects must be imported within 6 months after the owner of the goods’ arrival date.



Motor Vehicles



Documents Required



  • Technical license
  • Original purchase invoice
  • Restrictions of the car (measurements, fuel, the dimension of the tires, etc.)



Specific Information



  • Motor vehicles must have been used as a personal vehicle in the country of origin for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Motor vehicles must be unregistered and have a technical license.






Documents Required



  • Vaccination record
  • Veterinary health certificate



Specific Information



  • Pets must be identifiable through tattoo or an electronic identification system (e.g., microchip).
  • Pets are examined upon arrival.
  • The station manager of the transporting airline in Slovakia must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the arrival of the animal.



Restricted/Dutiable Items



  • Free import applies when travelling within the European Union; however, Customs is likely to investigate when bringing more than the following quantities into Slovakia:
    • Cigarettes (800), cigarillos (400 or 3 g each), cigars (200), smoking tobacco (1 kg)
    • Alcoholic beverages over 22% (10 L), less than 22% (20 L), beer (110 L), wine (90 L but no more than 60 L of sparkling wine)
  • Persons over 17 years old travelling from outside the European Union into Slovakia, may import the following items free in personal luggage and within the limits indicated:
    • Cigarettes (200), cigarillos (100), cigars (50), smoking tobacco (250 g)
    • Alcohol not exceeding 22% volume (2 L), alcohol exceeding 22% volume or denatured ethyl alcohol 80% volume and higher (1 L), beer (16 L) wine (4 L)



Prohibited Items



  • Drugs
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Protected species and products thereof as listed by the Washington Convention (CITES), such as ivory, tortoise shells, coral, reptile skins, etc.



Consignment Instructions



Recommended:  Contact the destination agent to ensure all requirements have been met prior to import, especially for differences regarding air/sea shipments.



Cultural and Other Information



CIA World Factbook Entry for Slovakia



Wikipedia Entry for Slovakia

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