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Moving from Dubai to Nauru

Moving from Dubai to Nauru

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Moving from Dubai to Nauru

Moving to Nauru is a major transition for anyone, and there will be plenty to consider and prepare for before you head across the globe. The last thing you want to worry about is the logistics of a complicated move, especially when it comes to documentation, Customs regulations and shipping services. Which is why you shouldn’t have to worry about it. Instead, let us tackle the tough stuff for you.

Dubai Movers will make your transition to Nauru as seamless as possible, by providing top-notch shipping services for all of your household goods and much more. We’ll be there with you each and every step of your move abroad, from packing and crating your goods to shipping them overseas and assisting you through the complicated overseas documentation process.

All you need to do is give us a call so we can get started with an on-site estimate. We’ll take care of everything else.

Here’s how we get the job done:

How Dubai Movers can help with moving to Nauru

To start, one of our trained moving specialists will provide a one-on-one consultation with you, thoroughly outlining your moving options based on certain criteria, such as:

  • Your moving timeline: When do you need to be in Nauru?
  • Your real estate plans. Will you be renting or buying?
  • Your family/household size. Will you be moving alone or with your family? For business or personal reasons?
  • Cubic feet estimate. How large is your shipment?

What Will Moving to Nauru Cost?

For the most accurate estimate of your total shipment size, you should schedule an in-home survey as early as possible for your move to Nauru. Don’t wait until the last possible moment, contact Dubai Movers or International Movers today. You won’t regret the decision. After we hear from you, our moving specialists will assess your belongings to give you the best estimate possible to expedite your relocation.

The cost of moving to Nauru will vary considerably based on the cubic footage of your belongings and your proposed destination arrival time so it’s extremely important that you work with an agent so they can give you the most accurate quote.

Ready to start budgeting for your international move?

Give us a call, and don’t forget to ask about our overseas packing and custom crating services, too!

About Nauru

Nauru, an island nation in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It comprises of a brought coral island situated up in southeastern Micronesia, 25 miles (40 km) south of the Equator. The island is around 800 miles (1,300 km) upper east of the Solomon Islands; its nearest neighbour is the island of Banaba, in Kiribati, somewhere in the range of 200 miles (300 km) toward the east. Nauru has no official capital, yet government workplaces are situated in the region of Yaren.

Nauru Economy

Farming (except for espresso and copra estates along the seaside and tidal pond edges), fishing, assembling, and the travel industry are of minor incentive to the general economy. Be that as it may, Nauru has a restrictive financial zone expanding 200 miles (320 km) seaward. The offer of business fishing licenses started to acquire a consistent income during the 1990s.

Phosphate has been mined on Nauru since 1907. For a considerable length of time, it was Nauru’s principal asset and sole fare, commanding the island’s economy, and its quality was the most noteworthy on the planet. The phosphate business and taxpayer driven organizations together gave practically the entirety of the island’s salaried work. For a great part of the twentieth century, the phosphate business was claimed and worked by a company mutually oversaw by the British, Australian, and New Zealand governments. The legislature of free Nauru oversaw phosphate activities in 1970, and during the 1980s Nauru was for a period probably the wealthiest nation on the planet as far as GDP per capita.

Landowners got sovereignties from the phosphate profit, and numerous Nauruans were jobless by decision. By the late twentieth century, be that as it may, the phosphate stores were rapidly getting depleted, and Nauru encountered an extreme drop-off in income, prompting the nation’s close to insolvency by the early long periods of the 21st century. Nauru attempted to create different assets and discover elective wellsprings of pay. In any case, the nation encountered some monetary break late in the principal decade of the 2000s when fixes and upgrades to mining-related foundation sped up the extraction and fare of the staying essential phosphate stores and permitted the more troublesome extraction of optional phosphate stores.

In the mid 21st century Nauru consented to incidentally house many Australia-bound shelter searchers while they anticipated the handling of their applications. In return, the Australian government gave a huge number of dollars in help to Nauru.

For all intents and purposes all food, water, and produced merchandise are imported. Australia supplies nine-tenths of Nauru’s imports; far littler sums originate from New Zealand, Fiji, and Japan. Nigeria gets practically 50% of Nauru’s fares, and South Korea and Australia consolidated take another third. Except for those collected on liquor and tobacco, there are no import obligations. There is no personal assessment.

Nauru has its own financial framework; the Bank of Nauru is completely possessed and worked by the legislature. The budgetary part developed insignificance after the 1980s as the island got known as a seaward financial focus and assessment shelter. Starting in 1999, in the midst of charges that it was a tax evasion conductor for sorted out wrongdoing and fear monger associations, the monetary part went through a progression of changes to expand its straightforwardness. As one result of its pilgrim history, Nauru is inside the Australian financial framework, and Australian cash is the nation’s legitimate delicate.

Transportation on the island is acceptable. A cleared street framework interfaces all towns. Surface transportation to different objections is troublesome. Since there are no wharves or regular harbours, travellers and freight are moved by canal boat between oceangoing vessels and a little fake port. Generally, local and universal travel is via air. Nauru’s sole air terminal is situated in Yaren locale. In 1970 the nation propelled its public carrier, control of which was moved in 1996 to a legislature claimed partnership.

Nauru Customs, Currency & Airport Tax regulations details


Import regulations:

Free import:
1. (over 18 years of age): 200 cigarettes and 500 grams of tobacco;
2. (over 21 years of age) 2 litres of spirit or wine.

Arms and Ammunition regulations:

Prohibited: firearms and explosives including fireworks.

Wild Fauna and Flora:

The import of certain endangered species of plant, live animals and their products is prohibited or restricted.
To import live animals prior to permission from the Chief Quarantine Officer is required. Application for the permit must be made with the Department of Justice & Border Control.
A written notice to the Chief Quarantine Officer at least 14 days before the expected date of arrival of the animal is required.

Additional Information on regulations:

1. dangerous drugs;
2. daggers, coshes, swordsticks, spring blades and knives;
3. pornographic films and literature.

Export regulations:

Any movable articles of heritage significance, including but not limited to archaeological objects, antiquities and war relics, require the prior written approval of the responsible Cabinet Minister.


A permit, issued by the Justice Department, Government Offices, Nauru, is required to import pets.

Baggage Clearance regulations:

Baggage is cleared at Nauru Is. (INU).

Exempt: baggage of transit passengers with a destination outside of Nauru.


Currency Import regulations:

Allowed. Local currency (Australian Dollar-AUD) and traveller’s cheques: unlimited if declared on arrival; foreign currencies and traveller’s cheques: unlimited if declared on arrival.

Currency Export regulations:

Local currency (Australian Dollar-AUD): free export up to AUD 2,500.-; permit required for amounts exceeding AUD 2,500.-. Foreign currencies and traveller’s cheques: unlimited.

Airport Tax

Airport Tax: No airport tax is levied on passengers upon embarkation at the airport.

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