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Moving from Dubai to Bahrain

Moving from Dubai to Bahrain

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Moving from Dubai to Bahrain

Moving from Dubai to Bahrain: Dubai Movers is one of the market-leading company of U.A.E that deals in cargo services for Bahrain. Our wide network of agents and the number of valid branches makes us capable and the market leader in the moving industry.Moving from Dubai to Bahrain

Our fully equipped and latest cargo vehicles moving in Bahrain provides a full range of services that also deal with customs clearance and all the matters to make your move smooth. We also act as the representative of some airlines. We work in association with that airline to serve your needs in Bahrain.

Having a warehousing facility you can easily schedule your move. What we do to facilitate you is we collect your belongings from your place that you want to send to Bahrain. We keep them safe in our warehouse on a temporary basis. On the provided date we make your move and deliver everything and reassemble your belonging to the provided destination in Bahrain. We always struggle to provide you with a complete solution that fits your need.

We are Serving in the following cities of Bahrain:

    • Manama
    • Riffa
    • Muharraq
    • Hamad Town
    • A’ali
    • Isa Town
    • Sitra
    • Budaiya
    • Jidhafs
    • Al-Malikiyah
    • Adliya
    • Cannabis

Air Cargo to Bahrain

Since Bahrain is a small island country, it is heavily reliant on air cargo to bring in goods from other countries. The airport in Bahrain is one of the busiest in the region, and the number of air cargo flights continues to grow each year. Many international companies have established a presence in Bahrain, and the country’s economy is growing rapidly.

The airport in Bahrain has been expanding rapidly to keep up with the demand for air cargo space. A new runway and terminal are currently under construction, and when completed, they will be among the largest in the region. The airport is also working on a new facility that will be specifically dedicated to air cargo.

Air cargo to Bahrain is a very important part of the country’s economy, and the number of flights continues to grow each year.

Sea Shipping to Bahrain

Sea shipping to Bahrain is a popular transportation choice for both businesses and individuals. The country is located in the Persian Gulf and is a major regional center for finance, trade, and industry. Bahrain has excellent port facilities that are well-equipped to handle large cargo ships. There are several shipping lines that offer regular service to Bahrain, making it easy to find a route that fits your needs.

The country is located in the Persian Gulf and offers a number of advantages for those looking to ship goods or products. First, Bahrain is a well-developed country with a strong economy. This means that businesses can rely on a stable market when exporting goods to Bahrain. Additionally, the country has excellent infrastructure and ports which make sea shipping efficient and reliable. Finally, Bahrain is located close to other major hubs in the region, making it an ideal location for those looking to do business in the Middle East.

About Bahrain

Bahrain is a small country located in the Persian Gulf. It is a constitutional monarchy, and the King is the head of state. The Prime Minister is the head of government. Bahrain has a population of about 1.4 million, most of whom are Shi’a Muslims. The largest opposition group is Al Wefaq, which has boycotted parliament since 2011. Bahrain has been ruled by the al-Khalifa dynasty since 1783. Bahrain is the site of the first recorded use of petroleum as a fuel.

The United Kingdom and the United States have significant influence over Bahrain’s foreign policy, security, and defense. Bahrain is a small country located in the Persian Gulf. It is a constitutional monarchy, and the King is the head of state. The Prime Minister is the head of government. Bahrain has a population of about 1.4 million, most of whom are Shi’a Muslims.

Exporting to Bahrain

Doing business in Bahrain: Bahrain trade and export guide

1. Bahrain export overview

Bahrain could be a small, however prosperous economy. It’s business-friendly, ranking 53rd within the World Bank’s easy Doing Business report.

Bahrain has the foremost liberalized economy within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The 2015 Index of Economic Freedom stratified Bahrain as having the freest economy within the geographical area and the eighteenth freest in the world.

Bahrain is a very important partner and base for kingdom corporations within the Gulf given its position as a serious commercialism hub within the region.

There are over five hundred active kingdom business agencies and over ninety branches of British corporations in Bahrain. additionally, over 350 Bahraini corporations have kingdom partners.

British businesses already operative in Bahrain embrace HSBC, commonplace leased, Atkins, National specific and administrative unit.

Benefits for UK businesses exporting to Bahrain include:

  • good communication links
  • direct access into Bahrain via a causeway
  • the most liberal tax regime in the Gulf
  • 100% foreign ownership of business assets and real estate allowed with no ‘free-zone’ restrictions

Strengths of the market

  • competitive operational costs
  • the well regulated financial services sector
  • advanced logistics services
  • dedicated industrial zones
  • educated and skilled local workforce
  • high quality of life for foreign residents recorded by HSBC Expat Explorer Survey

2. Challenges

Bahrain may be a comparatively straightforward place to try and do business. However, there square measure variety of challenges including:

  • delays in payment
  • bureaucracy among government
  • agencies, particularly for obtaining licenses
  • need to use an explicit quota of Bahrainis to accommodate
  • Bahrainisation rules, aim to enhance native employment prospects and scale back reliance on foreign labor
  • government documentation in Arabic

British merchandise and services square measure well regarded for quality, however, the worth is generally a determinant issue of sale.

3. Growth potential

3.1 Economic growth

Bahrain has matured steadily over the past few years with a 5-year compound rate of growth of three.4%. The economic outlook remains mostly positive. Bahrain’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew by four.7% in 2014. 2.5% growth is forecast for 2015.

Bahrain’s economy is comparatively little compared to different GCC countries and is that the most heterogeneous within the Gulf. It’s currently one in every of the acknowledged banking, monetary services, and human resource development and coaching centers of the Gulf.

Growth in Bahrain’s economy comes primarily from the oil sector which is additionally the most important contributor to government revenues. The oil and gas sector in 2014 accounted for:

  • 20% of GDP
  • 87% of presidency revenues
  • 73% of export financial gain

The government has an associate degree accrued specializing in economic diversification as a part of the Economic Vision 2030 goals. It aims to boost personal sector growth. Non-oil industries are steady growth over recent years, with a median rate of growth of five.3% in 2014.

Bahrain has undergone a surge in infrastructure development in recent years, following allocation of funds from the GCC Development Programme. This aims to enhance public services and address socio-economic problems.

The main contributors to value aside from oil and gas are:

  • financial services (16.5%)
  • manufacturing (14.4%)
  • construction (6.8%)
  • transport and communications (7%)
  • real estate and business services (6%)

Other positive measures for growth include:

  • new infrastructure developments
  • free trade agreements
  • development of a robust industry
3.2 Free trade agreements (FTAs)

Bahrain could be a member of the bigger Arab trade space (GAFTA) giving it duty-free access throughout all GAFTA states.

Bahrain has trade agreements with:

  • USA
  • Singapore
  • European trade Association (EFTA)

The United Kingdom and Bahrain trade

The total price of bilateral interchange in 2018 was £451.4 million, up by a pair of from 2017.

Bahrain is one of the UK’s largest export markets within the GCC. the united kingdom exported £295.5 million in merchandise to Bahrain in 2017, an 11th of September increase in 2018.

The top five United Kingdom exports to Bahrain in 2018 were:

  • nuclear reactors, boilers, and mechanical appliances
  • road vehicles
  • electrical machinery and instrumentality
  • optical, photographic and cinematographic, and medical instruments
  • articles of attire and consumer goods accessories

Opportunities for United Kingdom businesses in Bahrain

5.1 Education

The British schooling system is taken into account to be the benchmark in Bahrain, each at secondary and better education levels. Demand for United Kingdom degrees is high with the united kingdom being the popular selection for Bahraini students the following education abroad.

Bahrain’s spent a pair of.6% of the value on public education in 2018 with the aim of up standards across the tutorial spectrum.

There square measure opportunities for cooperation within the education sector, including:

  • program development at intervals in health care, social sciences, energy, technology, and artistic sectors
  • higher education partnerships
  • vocational education and coaching
  • financial services qualifications, together with Islamic Finance
  • training and continued skilled Development (CPD) for employees
  • special education desires
  • collaborative analysis with universities
5.2 Health Care

The Bahraini government allotted a pair of of.8% of its overall payment towards health care in 2018, going to improve the standard of health care.

A number of hospitals square measure undergoing improvement with United Kingdom merchandise command in high regard. Opportunities for United Kingdom corporations include:

  • pharmaceuticals
  • medical instrumentality
  • facilities management
  • training courses for employees
  • establishing nursing homes
  • Information and engineering (ICT)
5.3 Money and Skilled Services

Bahrain is thought to be the simplest regulated money services center within the geographic region. It’s a gorgeous location to line up operations and features a forefront within the region within the monotheism finance and insurance sectors.

Financial and skilled services square measure presently the quickest growing sector in Bahrain’s economy. it’s simply over four hundred money establishments, that account for sixteen.5% of Bahrain’s value. It’s already home to a variety of British money and skilled services companies.

There square measure opportunities for suppliers of:

  • Islamic finance
  • legal services
  • infrastructure finance
  • insurance and insurance (both standard and Islamic)
  • education, coaching, and qualifications
  • asset management
  • private banking
  • capital markets
5.4 Infrastructure

The majority of the USD10 billion GCC Development Programme fund has been allotted towards infrastructure development.

Infrastructure comes to include:

  • school, hospital, and social housing construction
  • road network development
  • GCC rail network and different land transportation comes (eg increasing bus network and a light-weight Rail public transit scheme)
  • Bahrain International landing field enlargement
  • Bahrain oil Company (BAPCO) petroleum refinery enlargement
  • aluminum downstream producing

Opportunities include:

  • transport and engineering practice
  • provision of specific merchandise or materials
  • project and program management
  • operation and maintenance
  • technical road information and experience concerning bridge engineering, road safety, coaching, and intelligent transport systems (ITS)

Start-up Considerations

You can export on to Bahrain, however operating with a rigorously chosen Bahraini partner or adviser is simpler. an area agent is additional conversant in the business surroundings and can realize it easier to:

  • keep in contact with customers
  • seek new business
  • get info on the most recent market trends

The Kingdom of Bahrain permits 100% foreign possession of companies in most sectors through the sector and entity-specific restrictions could apply. offers any info on numerous start-up choices.

Companies putting in in Bahrain can have to be compelled to register with the Bahrain Investors Centre to get official industrial Registration (CR). corporations are needed to renew their Cr on an associate degree annual basis.

Legal concerns

Companies in operation in Bahrain are expected to follow international accounting and company governance standards.

Bahrain hosts the Bahrain Chamber of Dispute Resolution in association with the yank Arbitration Association (BCDR-AAA).

7.1 Standards and technical rules

Bahraini law needs all labeling and packaging to be in Arabic and/or English. Stickers don’t seem to be accepted as an associate degree adequate sort of labeling. corporations can have to be compelled to check precise necessities for their product with the Ministry of Business and Commerce (MOIC).

Major government organizations additionally concerned with the rules include:

  • Ministry of Health for medical devices and medicines regulation
  • Ministry of Works, Municipalities, and concrete coming up with plants and seeds
  • Ministry of Interior for security instrumentation
7.2 Material Possession (IP)

The Industrial Property board within the MOIC has created a framework of legislation for patents, style, and logos. However, there aren’t any specialist IP courts and there’s an absence of specialist native advocates.

8. Tax and customs concerns

Bahrain encompasses a double taxation agreement with the united kingdom.

8.1 Taxation

Bahrain has rock bottom companies and private taxes within the GCC. There are only a few indirect taxes and no:

  • personal income tax
  • a wealth tax on capital gains
  • withholding tax
8.2 Customs

British corporations that want to export merchandise into Bahrain purchasable or consumption should acquire a general license from the Customs Affairs board of the Ministry of Interior.

The GCC’s Common Customs Law sets the framework for the GCC’s import rules. However, every member state administers its own list of prohibited, restricted, and exempted product. Exporters UN agency need to re-export inside the opposite GCC markets should confer with individual member states’ lists for full info.

A Certificate of Origin is required for all exports to clear customs.

Goods factory-made in Israel can’t be foreign to Bahrain.

More careful info on export and import necessities, procedures, and restrictions will be found on the Bahrain Customs website.

Customs duties ar sometimes five-hitter for foreign merchandise, with the exception of alcohol and tobacco wherever higher duties apply. various food and medical things are entirely exempt from impost, however, could need special licensing.

Exemptions additionally include:

  • goods for re-export
  • capital merchandise
  • raw materials for producing imports needed for development comes
8.3 Documentation

Product-specific documentation is typically needed for imports of:

  • drugs and medicines
  • food product
  • live animals
  • meat, poultry, animal product, and bi-products

Special permits might also be needed for sure enough products, for instance, special breed horses, armaments, and pesticides.

You should contact Bahrain Customs if you’ve got any documentation inquiries.

9. Business behavior

English is widely spoken throughout the country. though it’s common for written correspondence to be in English, Arabic is usually most well-liked inside the government.

Bahrain is that the most liberal of GCC states and is tolerant of all faiths. Islam is the national culture and may be revered.

The operating week is Sunday to Thursday.

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