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Moving From Dubai to Switzerland

Moving From Dubai to Switzerland

Since 1890, when the business was founded in Germen by Jeorge Vital Bin
Truckpress has grown into one of the world's leading logistics providers.
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Moving from Dubai To Switzerland

Dubai Movers provides air cargo and sea cargo transportation services for all types of your shipments to Switzerland from Dubai. Our freight shipping specialist will guide you and monitor your shipment until it arrives in Switzerland.

Switzerland is to be found in the central part of continental Europe with a mountainous central area.  It is landlocked and has borders with Germany, Italy, France, Austria, and Liechtenstein.  It has four official language areas with German and French being dominant. Dubai Movers Is providing moving services from Dubai To Switzerland.

The country is divided into 26 cantons, which vary in size and population.  Larger cantons are rural whereas smaller cantons of higher population include the cities.  The largest city is Zurich, which is one of the world’s main financial markets.  Other major cities are Geneva, Lausanne, Basel and Berne.

If you need to ship freight UK to Switzerland, we have the solution for you. Dubai movers are a Dubai leader in freight forwarding to Switzerland. With a comprehensive range of carriers and routes, we offer both Sea freight and air freight services. We can handle all types of freight including personal effects and cars.

Air Cargo to Switzerland

Our air cargo to Switzerland is a daily service from all major UAE airports. We offer both door-to-airport and door-to-door airfreight and handle all types of air cargo including household or personal effects. With our door-to-door air freight service, we will handle customs clearance in Switzerland and deliver your freight directly to the recipient.

All air cargo is subject to security screening. Our network of customs approved screening depots at major airports mean we can get your air cargo on board an aircraft quickly – meaning quicker delivery. We provide comprehensive transit insurance to protect your goods during air freight and can arrange freight storage in the UAE or Switzerland.

For air freight shipments consisting of more than one or two boxes, we recommend goods are sent on a pallet to Switzerland. This ensures that all items travel together and keeps customs clearance time to a minimum when your freight arrives in Switzerland. If you are not able to air freight your goods on a pallet then our expert packing team can do this for you when goods are received at our depot.

Sea Cargo to Switzerland

Dubai Movers UAE provide the best Sea Cargo services from UAE to Switzerland, Sea Cargo Services from Dubai to Switzerland. We provide the door to door moving service to Switzerland, packing and moving to all over Switzerland. We do packing and moving to Switzerland. We do Sea Cargo of your personal items to Switzerland in 20- or 40-feet container.

Dubai movers provide the best packing service for your door to door moving to Switzerland. We do Furniture moving to Switzerland, Fragile items Moving to Switzerland, Car moving to Switzerland We provide Sea Shipping Services from UAE to Switzerland

Custom Rules and Regulation for Moving from Dubai to Switzerland

Used Household Goods and Personal Effects

  • Copy of passport with a clear photo
  • Copy of bill of lading (OBL) / CMR (Road) / air waybill (AWB)
  • Originally signed Customs form 18.44 (application for duty & tax-free clearance of removal goods)
  • Supplemental declaration for alcoholic products
  • Detailed inventory list
  • Copy of residence permit (except for Swiss citizens and immigrants from the 15 initial EU states and from the EFTA states)
    • If not yet available, copy of the work contract or letter of employment from Swiss employer (all confidential data such as salary, bonus, etc may be deleted)
  • Registration at local Swiss town hall
  • Coy of lease agreement/purchase contract (property title)
  • Detailed packing list in German, French, Italian, or English
  • Proof of staying more than 1 year outside of Switzerland (military booklet, attestation from Swiss Consulate or earlier de-registration) (returning citizens)
  • Original Customs form 14.60 provided by the employer, duly signed, and stamped (diplomats)
  • Copy of “Carte de Légitimation” (diplomats)

Motor Vehicles

Documents Required

  • Official foreign driver’s license
  • Original certificate title
  • Original bill of sale/purchase invoice

Restricted/Dutiable Items

  • Food products
  • Tobacco
  • New articles and consumer goods, which do not correspond to normal household requirements are dutiable. The purchase invoice is required.
  • Furnishings, which do not correspond to normal household requirements
  • Weapons, including firearms (a permit is required)
  • The following items are admitted duty and tax-free, provided they are destined for one’s own requirements:
    • Used motor cars and/or used motorboats (at least 6 months)
    • Maximum 12 litres of hard liquor over 25% volume
    • Maximum 200 litres of red/white wine, champagne
    • Hunting rifles
  • The following conditions apply to the import of alcohol:
    • Swiss Customs authorities will personally assess whether the quantity of alcoholic beverages imported corresponds with the size of the shipment.
    • The maximum duty-free allowance for:
      • Spirits and liquors exceeding 25% alcohol by volume is 12 litres
      • Red or white wine is 200 litres
      • Champagne or other alcohol less than 25% alcohol by volume, depends on the size of the shipment

Prohibited Items

  • Drugs and narcotics
  • Weapons (other than sporting and hunting guns)
  • Ammunition
  • Anti-radar equipment
  • Animal products from protected/endangered species (ivory, skins etc.)
  • Fake items (e.g. watches, faked brand name & model items)

Consignment Instructions

Recommended:  Contact the destination agent to ensure all requirements have been met prior to import, especially for differences regarding air/sea shipments.

Got questions regarding how to use Dubai Movers for moving from Dubai to Switzerland for your shipments? Visit our website and fill the moving to Estonia Quick Quote. As always, you can also reach us by phone, e-mail and live chat.

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