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Moving from Dubai to Namibia

Moving from Dubai to Namibia

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Moving from Dubai to Namibia

Wanting to move to Namibia? With us, you can get dependable universal going administrations. Contingent upon your requirements you can likewise discover efficient worldwide cargo delivering administrations to transport your assets abroad via air or ocean.

When Moving to Namibia

Our moving masters in global moving can assist you with finding all the accessible alternatives dependent on your particular moving necessities, for example,

  • Arranged date of appearance in Namibia.
  • Do you wish to transport your things via air or ocean?
  • What amount of time do you wish to remain in Namibia?

The Cost of Moving to Namibia

The expense of your global move to Namibia is essentially founded on cubic feet of your assets and possessions and your normal time of arriving at the goal.

You can fix an arrangement for an interview and site examination of your home for studying your assets and effects before you move. To get a right and exact cubic foot to gauge and to get the best-going administrations that fit your necessities, along these lines accelerating the way toward moving to Namibia.

About Namibia

Namibia formally called the Republic of Namibia is a nation in southern Africa. Namibia picked up its freedom from South Africa on 21 March 1990.

Namibia hosts a stable multi-get-together parliamentary majority rules system and is a presidential agent popularity based republic and all the legislative issues happen inside its structure. Namibia is an individual from worldwide foundations and affiliations include: United Nations (UN), the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the African Union (AU), and the Commonwealth of Nations.

Namibia is the world’s 34th biggest nation on the planet simply after Venezuela. Namibia is likewise the second least thickly populated nation on the planet simply after Mongolia. Namibia imparts its fringes to Angola, Botswana, South Africa, and Zambia.

The economy of Namibia is intensely reliant on the extraction of mineral stores. The mining business is the essential business and fundamental wellspring of fares bookkeeping to 8% of GDP and gives a half salary in outside trade. Namibia is additionally the fourth-biggest maker of Uranium and Namibia an enormous maker of zinc. The Namibian seaside deserts are perhaps the most extravagant wellspring of jewels on earth.

Custom Regulations for Namibia:


  • Original Bill of Lading
  • Inventory
  • Passport
  • Permanent residents permit

Used household effects are duty-free if the client has had them in his possession for more than 12 months. Shipments are not always stopped for customs examination.

The client must present himself/herself to customs with all documentation. This function can be handled on behalf of the client provided the clearing agent has the client’s original passport.

VAT is always payable. If stopped for a customs examination, the client must have a permanent resident’s permit if he/she is a new immigrant. Do not ship the auto until the client has an import permit.

The client must complete all documentation and present it to the customs department together with his/her passport so that customs can attest to the CA304a. Customs will only release the vehicle once it is satisfied that everything is in order, and the engine number agrees with that stated on the bill of entry. Once the bill of entry has been endorsed by customs, this document must be presented to the motor license department who will issue the license.

Required documents:

  • Import permit
  • Passport
  • Original Bill of Lading
  • Registration papers
  • Invoice

Are always subject to a customs examination. Firearms will be held by the customs official and kept until the client has the stamped SAP 311. Required documentation must be presented to his/her local police station who in turn will issue an SAP 312. The police authority will apply for a license on behalf of the importer.

The firearm will be held at the customs state warehouse. The SAP 311 must be obtained by the client’s local police station in South Africa immediately upon his/her arrival in this country.

Alcohol is always subject to customs examination. One bottle of wine and spirit is extracted from the consignment for testing by the Department of Agriculture to ascertain the percentage of alcohol. Duties are payable based on that percentage.

The liquor will be kept in bond until notification has been received from the department of agriculture to release.

The veterinary certificate from the country of origin must be presented to customs four (4) working days before the animal arrives in South Africa. Stamped by state veterinary department.

Quarantine is not always necessary. It depends upon the state veterinary surgeon. Once the animal has been examined and the surgeon is satisfied with the condition of the animal it will be released.


  • Pornographic books and magazines
  • Walkie-talkies
  • Radios
  • Certain feathers, furs, skins, and tusks of animals under protected species regulations
  • Narcotics and drugs


  • Plants and vegetable products require a phytosanitary certificate required from the Department of Agriculture.

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NOTE– Customs regulations are subject to change at any time. The proceeding information is a summary of customs regulations applicable to household goods shipments to this destination and is being provided for general guidance to assist our Agents and Customers. Since such regulations are subject to change without notice, Dubai Movers cannot be held liable for any costs, damage, delays, or other detrimental events resulting from non-compliance. Always double-check with your local embassy or consulate.

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