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Arriving at your Destination

Arriving at your Destination

When you reach your destination, you’ll naturally undergo a transition period while adapting to the new surroundings. The more you have preplanned and prepared for your move, the easier your adjustment will be.

Following Up:

Amid the excitement of arriving at your new home, you will need to follow up on a few more details.

  • We recommend you register with the nearest consulate or embassy, even though you might not be required to do so.
  • Contact your Paradise Relocation representative at destination. Let the agent know where and when you can be reached.
  • Ask if there are any additional charges on your shipment, such as extra handling for storage. Be prepared to pay this when your household goods are delivered.
  • Be on hand to accept delivery when your household goods arrive.
  • Check the goods thoroughly. If there are any missing or damaged boxes, mark this in the inventory.
  • Immediately report any loss or damage in writing to the Paradise Relocation agent at destination.
  • Signing the inventory indicates that you received the shipment. Reporting of damage of loss is a separate action.

Settling In:

Life in a foreign land can be exhilarating or frustrating, depending on your expectations and preparations. Information and organization are essential when “starting over” in a new country. Because you need information, remember to use your resources – Paradise Relocation, a consulate or embassy of your destination country, customs offices in your home and destination countries, bookstores and your public library.

Acquaint yourself and your family with the lifestyle, currency and language of the destination before you go. This will put you at ease and give you greater self-confidence as you settle into your new surroundings.

However, experiencing difficulty in adjusting to a new country is normal. If this happens to you or your family, do not view it as a weakness. The following suggestions might help:

  • Allow time off work for activities that help you cope with the stresses of adjustment, such as sports, outings or just curling up with a good book.
  • Maintain ties with family members and friends in your home country, and build a support system in your new one.
  • resist the urge to make snap judgments of your new country and its people (including applying stereotypes), and to make comparisons to home. Appreciate and be sensitive to cultural differences.
  • Above all, have a positive attitude and realistic expectations. View the experience as an adventure that will broaden your horizons.
  • Establish and maintain communications with family, friends and associates.

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