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Moving Terms Explained

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Work performed other than routine transportation service performed at your request, such as appliance servicing, extra pickups and storage. Charges for these services are in addition to transportation costs.

Claim: A statement of loss or damage to household goods.

Destination Agent: The agent in the delivery city or locale that provides delivery services.

Door-to-Door Service: The relocation of household goods from residence to residence.

Duty: The fees imposed by a country's sovereign laws on imports or exports

Estimate: An approximation of moving costs, size and bulk as determined by an agent's physical survey of a shipment.

Inventory: A detailed list of your household goods, describing each item and its condition at loading. The inventory is prepared for you as your goods are professionally packed. The owner or designated representative must sign the inventory confirming the description and condition. It is used as a customs document for clearance of the shipment. Upon delivery, you also can use the inventory to check for any possible loss or damage.

Liability:: The maximum amount for which Paradise Worldwide Moving is normally liable in connection with loss or damage of cargo while in transit or storage.

Lift Van: A wooden or plywood container used mainly on overseas removals, built specifically to transport household goods.

Order for Service: The itemized receipt for your household goods and agreement for their transportation, including the terms and conditions under which the goods are moved. Your signature acknowledges the household goods have been "released to the carrier."

Order Number: Used to identify each shipment, the number appears in the upper right-hand corner of the order for service. You will need this number as a reference whenever you have a question about your shipment.

Origin Agent (OA): The agent who provides services at origin, such as packing and loading.

Storage-in-Transit (SIT): The temporary warehousing of your household goods. If you request storage, check with your agent to see what kind of transit and storage protection you have. Depending on how long your goods will be stored, you might need to apply for an extension of your protection policy.


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